Noi achizitii literare

Astazi am fost la un interviu si am iesit de acolo foarte neplacut suprinsa de cat de lipsiti de bun simt pot fi angajatorii si de halul in care ar dori sa te exploateze pentru un salariu de mizerie. Trecand peste frustrarile mele, ca sa ma simt putin mai bine am intrat in SH-ul din Podu Ros de la care auzisem de la Cristina. Bineinteles ca nu am plecat de acolo cu mana goala, ci cu vreo 6 carti (2 dintre ele le-am luat pentru prietenul meu). Abia astept sa le vina randul la citit si sa mai dau o raita prin magazin cand vor aduce marfa noua. Cate carti faine pot sa aiba oamenii aia acolo! Sunt intr-o stare foarte buna si costa foarte putini banuti (eu am dat 19 lei pe toate 6).

The Wise Woman de Philippa Gregory

In this book, originally published after her bestselling debut with the Wideacre trilogy, author Philippa Gregory takes readers to Henry VIII’s England, on a journey to the outer reaches of passion, where magic and female power meet. β€” Alys joins a nunnery to escape the poverty of her life on the moor with her foster mother, Morach, the local wise woman with whom she lives as an outcast, but she soon finds herself thrown back into the world when Henry VIII’s wreckers destroy her sanctuary. Summoned to the castle as the old lord’s scribe, she falls obsessively in love with his son Hugo, who is married to Catherine. Driven to desperation by her desire, she summons the most dangerous powers Morach has taught her, but soon the passionate triangle of Alys, Hugo, and Catherine begins to explode, launching them into uncharted sexual waters. The magic Alys has conjured now has a life of its own — a life that is horrifyingly and disastrously out of control.

Bee Season de Myla Goldberg

Eliza Naumann, a seemingly unremarkable nine-year-old, expects never to fit into her gifted family: her autodidact father, Saul, absorbed in his study of Jewish mysticism; her brother, Aaron, the vessel of his father’s spiritual ambitions; and her brilliant but distant lawyer-mom, Miriam. But when Eliza sweeps her school and district spelling bees in quick succession, Saul takes it as a sign that she is destined for greatness. In this altered reality, Saul inducts her into his hallowed study and lavishes upon her the attention previously reserved for Aaron, who in his displacement embarks upon a lone quest for spiritual fulfillment. When Miriam’s secret life triggers a familial explosion, it is Eliza who must order the chaos.

A Little Princess de Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess tells the story of young Sara Crewe, privileged daughter of a wealthy diamond merchant. All the other girls at Miss Minchin’s school treat Sara as if she truly were a princess. But when Captain Crewe’s fortune is sadly lost, Sara’s luck changes. Suddenly she is treated no better than a scullery maid. Her own fierce determination to maintain her dignity and remain a princess inside has intrigued and delighted readers for almost a hundred years, even inspiring a recent popular feature film.

Catalina de W. Somerset Maugham

Crippled and disconsolate, sixteen-year-old Catalina is the one person unable to join in the festivities of the Feast of the Assumption. Yet that is when she miraculously meets and talks with the Blessed Virgin as though she were her own mother. But in the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition, the Church is apt to take a serious view of such an ostentatious claim. The last of Maugham’s novels, Catalina is a romantic celebration of Spain and a delightfully mischievous satire on absolutism.

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11 responses to “Noi achizitii literare

  1. Wow, par foarte interesante. πŸ™‚

  2. Vaaai, am vazut 2 ecranizari la ‘A Little Princess’, si ambele m-au fermecat. Bineinteles, cea cu Shirley Temple e cea mai reusita..I just love her :x.
    Ai mai citit Philippa Gregory? Cum e?

    • Cristina, cred ca l-am vazut si eu pe cel cu Shirley Temple demult dar nu imi mai amintesc mare lucru πŸ˜€ Oricum imi doream de mult timp cartea asta si m-am bucurat tare cand am gasit-o pe acolo.
      Am inceput sa citesc ceva de Philippa Gregory, dar format pdf si era tare obositor. Mai ales ca scrie romane istorice. Voi reveni cu mai multe detalii dupa ce o citesc.
      Ah, mi-am mai luat ceva cute dar sadic. Tie nu o sa iti pice bine, dar e tare nostima. Se numeste Final Exit for Cats: A Feline Suicide Guide. Ilustratiile fac toti banii :))

  3. Am vazut si eu ecranizarea cu Shirley Temple, era chiar unul din filmele mele preferate. Se difuza des la tv acum cativa ani, parca de Craciun il tot dadeau. Nu m-am gandit ca este vorba de cartea dupa care s-a facut filmul, credeam ca este doar ceva asemanator.

  4. Mama ce carti faine ai gasit!!! Vreau si eu un sh din asta… :((

    • Diana, vino in Iasi πŸ™‚ Faza nasoala este ca sunt alandala puse pe rafturi: nu sunt aranjate alfabetic sau pe domenii si tb sa stai mult timp pana iti alegi ceva.
      Mi-au mai atras atentia un volum din Agentia de detective no 1 The Full Cupboard of Life (cred) de McCall Smith si Room with a view (plus inca vreo 3 nuvele) de E M Forster.
      Dupa ce voi ajunge sa o citesc pe Philippa Gregory ti-o pot vinde. Asta daca nu imi place mult prea mult πŸ˜€

  5. Am uitat sa zic…I looove Philippa Gregory! πŸ˜€
    Daca nu vrei s-o pastrezi dupa ce o citesti, maybe you would consider selling it to me! πŸ˜€

  6. Ador sa cotrobai prin rafturi! πŸ˜€

    • Diana, me too! Mai ales ca nu sunt noi cartile si au asa un miros interesant πŸ˜€
      Ma enerveaza totusi ca rafturile sunt pana in tavan si mi-ar trebui o scara sa vad mai bine πŸ™‚

  7. pana in tavaaan….uaaaaau

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